So, why am I a photographer? The simple answer is you! It's all about you. To celebrate your story in a moment in time of you just being you. Nothing is posed or rehearsed. It's candid and real and in the moment. It's about capturing you as you are. It's about having fun and building relationships and making connections. It's about listening to the client and their needs and then exceeding them! I love the emotion and response when what I've captured is so profound your face lights up with excitement as we view the images together in your online gallery!

I've lived in the Spring/Woodlands area for about 14 years. I have a beautiful wife and two awesome kiddos that I love and adore! I love taking pictures and capturing memories! My photography started off by taking pictures of my famiIy. It then expanded to taking pictures of friends at special events. Now I professionally capture families, couples, babies and individuals in a mixutre of settings.


"Photography is more than taking a photo. It's telling a story in such a way that one is captivated and moved to live life differently."  - Michael Shea